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George Lucas

The standing ovation that was given to George Lucas on the world premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in Hollywood was an act of gratitude. After all anyone in the audience knew that if it wasn’t for him no Jedi would ever exist but the man who created the sci-fi opus is not a director. Or a writer. Or a very successful businessman. He is a storyteller and a philosopher, one absolute Hollywood insider and an outsider that few can approach.

Ever since Variety first mentioned him on Jan. 9, 1968 having scored three nominations in the third annual National Student Film Fest competition till now, Lucas is a man of inspiring fairytales that capture the mind with words, fonts, colorful sights and epic sounds. It is thanks to his mentor, Francis Coppola, that Lucas exists. After all it was him who helped him to land a deal for his dark “THX”. His “American Graffiti” success landed him the most important deal of his life (Fox agreed to pay him 40% of the “Star Wars” profits whilst retaining ownership of the movie sequels and merchandise) and the movie that came from a galaxy, far, far away created not only his career or one of Hollywood’s most precious franchises but the blockbuster genre itself.

Lucas taught the movie industry many things. He taught them how to combine the marketing with the story, he showed them how movies can be not a product but a starting point for anything branded, he became the Master of the Universe and it proved to be a very wealthy one. After R2-D2 and the humans, after Yoda and the Storm Troopers everything changed for good. Movies became video games, theme-park attractions, TV animation, toys, books, clothes, gadgets, lightsabers, pretty much everything.

“Dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you imagine it.” 

The young man who was born and raised in Modesto, California, with an obsessive love for cars and racing became a driving force for an amazing universe that is ever-expanding in profitable, mysterious ways. A pioneer (he created THX, he built up Pixar) and a loner, George Lucas gave the world a fairytale full of sparkling stars that once the force is with you, is yours to explore and conquer.

We thank him for making daydreaming possible.

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