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Alan Kitching, Sawdust and more celebrate Johnston's iconic typeface

Alan Kitching, Sawdust and more celebrate Johnston's iconic typeface

Created with 11 UK design agencies and talents, the posters celebrate the 100th anniversary of London Underground’s Edward Johnston Sans typeface, an iconic London letterform on its own.

“Johnston’s typeface is iconic for everybody who lives in or visits London, however many may not know that he was also the creator of the early fabrics that now give each line their distinct personality. Using printed woodblock letters from the Johnston typeface to create patterns based on the weaves of the underground seats, our poster aims to communicate the hustle bustle of London and the constant presence of Johnston in our everyday journeys” says Studio ThomasMatthews of its design.

“The rationale for the design is simply to combine Johnston’s lettering but using a shadow to give a 3D effect, with the colours used for all the tube lines from Beck’s Underground map,” adds Alan Kitching of his contribution.
Part of ‘Transported by Design’, a range of projects and activities showcasing the link between transport and good design the poster campaign is brilliant with the creations ours to own.

You can buy them online here - or at TfL’s Johnston Pop Up Shop in the Additions exhibition at Clerkenwell Design Week (24-26 May) or to ‘The Language of London’ exhibition at KK Outlet alongside Clerkenwell Design Week (16-28 May).

The posters will be up in the Underground in June.

Read more on the celebration of Johnston’s famous London Underground typeface here.

19 May 2016
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