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  • Massimo Grafia is übertype’s latest typographic weaponry

    Established by Gabriel Richter and Andreas Uebele in 2017,  übertype is an independent type foundry based in Germany and Japan.

    The duo’s latest project is Massimo Grafia. This linear-grotesque typeface in four weights “combine powerful hand-drawn forms with rigorous graphic precision. The neutral basic for professional use is supplemented by alternate glyphs, creating the scope for highly expressive typographic design” note the designers.

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  • Fluoro’s bold typographic vision for WIT Fitness will make you sweat for more

    London based design studio Fluoro worked closely with WIT Fitness to create its brand new visual language.

    “WIT came to us with a bold vision - ‘create a brand identity, digital strategy and design language that would assist in forging their position as the world’s leading training hub specialist’. We created a graphic system that uses typographic messaging, grids and patterns that reflect the brands’ urban appeal and city influence. This created a contemporary, fresh and bold aesthetic conveying movement and athleticism, notes Fluoro.

    “We developed and implemented this design strategy across all parts of the user journey - WIT retail & training websites, social channels and in-store digital systems – an ecosystem designed to showcase the entire portfolio of retail brands, stores and services. The results were clear: higher sales conversion, a unique and ownable brand aesthetic, building awareness with new and existing consumers, improved community engagement, new partner-brand launches, product launches, and pro-athlete events.

    Founded in 2015, WIT Fitness had grown quickly from their physical and digital stores in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, to establishing flagship gym/retail facilities in London and across North America.

    In 2018 WIT’s position as the worlds leading training hub was cemented as global fitness mega-brands: Nike, Reebok and Crossfit selected WIT, St Pauls as the platform for their global product launches.

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  • Folch Studio’s brand new Trivial typeface aims to immortalize the written script

    Folch Studio, the Barcelona-based design agency which was founded in 2004 by Albert Folch is entering a new typographic adventure with the release of its latest font. “Instinctive, authentic and handwritten” Trivial aims to immortalise the written script. Born through a collaboration for the editorial Qompendium, the digitalised handwritten typography was used to write the headlines of the Evening Standard and distributed throughout London.

    Trivial is available only in regular weight and supports additional Latin language in uppercase letters, accented uppercase, numbers, ligatures, punctuations and symbols. The typeface is available for download with optional donation.

    Folch’s approach is defined by its engagement with all stages of any given project, from concepts to final form participating actively in art direction and content editing. This diverse approach set the foundations for two new editorial adventures that launched in 2011: Odiseo publication and Eldorado experience.

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  • From Cobain to Bowie or Cohen these downloadable fonts will bring music to your type

    “The Songwriters fonts have been created to give musicians inspiration. Writing lyrics with the handwriting of influential songwriters helps imagination to develop. Being in the mood of Bowie, Cobain, Cohen, Gainsbourg, Lennon, might be purely imaginative... but that's precisely the point” claim Nicolas Damiens and Julien Sens aka the creative duo behind the downloadable fonts based on the handwritings of iconic musicians of the 20th century.

    From the Kurt (Cobain) Font through the David (Bowie) Font or the John (Lennon) Font the typographic elements of the most groundbreaking minds of music are ours to own.

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  • Expedia Group owns the lowercase 'e' with Pentagram's help

    “We are the world‘s travel platform. We bring the world within reach” suggests Expedia Group's latest brand identity. Designed by Pentagram's Paula Scher the identity "better unites Expedia Group's extensive family of travel brands, businesses and teams, while also acknowledging the unique contribution of each individual brand to the success of the Expedia Group global business". 

    Expedia Group is one of the world’s largest travel platforms, with an extensive family of the most trusted online travel brands and Pentagram worked closely with the Expedia Group team to develop the identity which "centers on a distinctive lowercase 'e' which the designers drew as an aerodynamic letterform with a tapered eye and flat-cut terminal, then worked with type designer Jeremy Mickel to develop a full custom font, Expedia Group Display. The unique typography enables Expedia to own the 'e'; in applications like promotions and collateral, it is immediately recognizable and accessible". 

    "The cohesive system extends the typography to Expedia’s many B2B sub-brands, and to an endorsement line that may appear alongside the consumer brands. Secondary type is set in the sans serif Neuzeit Grotesk, and the palette features a brilliant blue, as well as black".

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