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  • Will Katro keep his promise to design one poster/day for 365 days?

    Vasjen Katro, a visual designer based in Tirana, Albania promised to himself that he will design a poster for every day of the 365 days of 2016. Baugasm is a collection of a bold, visual daily task. The creative posters which are currently on display prove that Vasien is a bold creative force in the making. Strong colour combinations and shapes large with typography in many ways. A promise to keep, a project to follow, this is what Baugasm is all about.

  • When the night comes, a nocturnal typographic experiment saves the day

    Experimental typography is the go-to the trend in the multifaceted country of infinite proportions. Russia’s graphic design is a massive source or inspiration with the Cyrillic alphabet being an asset to those who know how to master the art of type.

    Wiktor Ares, an enigmatic independent graphic designer who is willing to share his magic with the world when the night comes, is on an ever-lasting experimental adventure. Night Skies is his latest chapter in the world of hand-lettered type with elements of both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets morphing into symbols of letters. Enter this nocturnal typographic fairytale straight of logographic characters straight from Orenburg and have a good night.

  • A night at the movies with Typeface’s 1st ever screening in years

    As part of their Kartemquin Summer Series in honor of the 50th anniversary of the University of Chicago’s Doc Films, Typeface is about to be screened for the first time in years on July 28th at 7pm. This is the first screening in Chicago for Justine Nagan’s award-winning film about the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

    Typeface delves into life at a Wisconsin museum and print shop. Reflecting upon the place of printmaking techniques in today’s world. The film examines how recent interest in typography and graphic design has brought attention to the dwindling community of artisans, revealing an ambiguous relationship between analog and digital. For the special event a special panel will discuss the intersection of modern design and traditional technique with legendary designer Dennis Ichiyama, who is featured in the film, as well as Bob Zei of The Society of Typographic Arts and Starr Marcello, the film’s associate producer and now COO and director of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the UChicago Booth School of Business sharing their knowledge on the craft that we love.

  • Violin and Jérémy’s out of the blue flourishing branding project

    Violaine Orsoni and Jérémy Schneider have their own motto. “We like it, we do it” they claim and this is a project of proof. Paris-based studio Violaine & Jérémy has created this elegant identity for an exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs of Paris. Titled L’Empreinte du Geste (The Imprint of the Gesture), the show gathers 18 artists to celebrate craft and consider modes of production and the way things are manufactured.

    Similar to their homage to Paris’ reputation for painting in its identity for Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, the renowned studio adopted the same approach for this exhibition. The studio has used illustrations and renders of different textures and imprints from various natural materials like wood. To bring these abstract motifs together, Violaine & Jérémy designed the title font, called Tribute, which has been applied to the signage, the programmes and press kit.

    Flourished serifs are a beauty to look at in this cobalt blue version (a nod towards Yves Klein’s International Klein Blue?) of this branding project. “We worked on the signage with the architecture studio DAS which created the scenography” they say of their partners in crime. “The artists portraits and pieces illustrations are by the talented Thomas Rouzière. Many thanks to our assistant Camille Marteil. Thanks to the talented printing studio Atelier BULK” they conclude. We are thankful for each one of them. Have a look at Violin and Jérémy’s website to discover more immaculate, vintage inspired typography.

  • What is the hype with HypeForType?

    Founded in 2009 by designer and art director, Alex Haigh, Hype for Type is fuelled with fonts. When the big names in typography stretch their muscles, Haigh’s personal experiment with type has become one of the fastest growing independent type distributors and foundries in the UK - working with some of the most talented creatives around. “HypeForType isn’t about banging out standard fonts you’d find in any suite, it’s about collaborating with award-winning designers and making beautiful type not only accessible, but indispensible. We think beautiful typography shouldn’t be a ‘nice to have’, it should be a don’t present it without” reads their manifesto of this platform that offers “a veritable feast of fonts for anyone interested in experimenting with typography, designers getting back in touch with the classic skill and brands looking to commission something standout that really adds depth to their visual language.”

    Whether you’re a talented type genius wanting a platform to get your work out there, or you’re looking for some freestyle fonts to add to your creative toolkit, HypeForType wants to be your friend.

    On a more personal note, what started as a “typographic side project” eventually became a force in type today. “It’s down to the fact that it’s by a designer, for designers. I put emphasis not only on the type itself, but on the design and visual aspect. After all we are visual people and we desire visual things” says HypeForType’s Alex Haigh.

    Get into the hype here.