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  • Wake up to L’influx, a mind-bending visual identity to love

    “An influx is an electrical signal carried along neurons’ membrane, and also now the name of the new webzine of the municipal library of the city of Lyon, France” explains Graphéine, the French design studio that created a playful identity for a webzine that plays with our perception.

    “Our job was to design the identity and the communication tools of the webzine. We aimed at designing a simple graphic system, relevant and recognizable, that would be easily adaptable on various media. We went for a lively visual identity, that mirrors the changing news posted on the site”, Graphéine add, on their mission to come forward with a visual language for L’influx, which puts into perspective an event or a theme through the library collections and the expertise of librarians. Dealing with current issues and intended to all audiences, L’influx stands as a neurons agitator that sheds light and brings depth on local, national and international news.

    “The logo is made of letters connected within a line, that represents the stream. This logo is modular, it can take different forms (definitely «motion design friendly»!). As long as the rules governing its design are met, the logo can evolve without losing its readability and identity. It can live on one, two or three lines according to the media. For consistency purposes and to reinforce identification, the color palette is based on reflex blue, a color that is used in all the communications of the municipal library of Lyon. A contrast color is added to expand the palette of shades of the visual identity and allow more combinations in application”.

    Graphéine was founded by Mathias Rabiot and Jérémie Fesson back in 2002. Both share the same minimalist, playful and accessible vision of design.

    Check more of their vivacious portfolio of work here.

  • Typography is the real performer in Oscar Maia’s booklet design

    We would really appreciate if any programme booklet was as typographic as the Festival DDD’s is. Designed by Oscar Maia in collaboration with the award-winning White Studio, the Festival DDD’s programme booklet mixes serif with sans in a brilliant way, with the letterforms being the real stars in the pages that accompanies Portugal’s Dias da Dança Festival.

    Festival DDD is a set of events dedicated to the exploration of contemporary dance and performance and Oscar Maia, a Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director based in the city of Porto, sure knows a thing or two about the rhyme schemes of different letterforms combined.

    Check more of his work here.

  • Alert! This is the 2017 European Design Awards call for entries

    Ever since it was founded back in 2007 the annual European Design Awards “celebrate creative excellence” that matters, based on regional distinctive elements, as well as common grounds. By bringing together the best examples of the European communication design field, the annual event acknowledges designers for their outstanding work. So do pay attention!!!

    A joint initiative by major communication design magazines, ED AWARDS is widely recognized as one of the most established and prestigious awards for graphic design and typography. Although there are several categories, it is worth mentioning - because after all typefaces are this editors’s vice - a previous few winners for the Original Typeface category, such as Centro, Bague, Alverata and Skolar.

    Following the launch of a newly designed website, the 2017 European Design Awards is now officially open for entries. Designers from around Europe are invited to hand in their submissions, before February 17th 2017.

    The submitted works are evaluated by a jury of representatives across the leading design media. Design editors, publishers, critics and academics who curate communication design on a daily basis are the obvious choice of a jury, but even more importantly the utmost qualified jury for the task. Submissions are carefully evaluated throughout March, and the winners are notified at the beginning of April, before this year’s great ceremony which will take place in Porto, Portugal on May 27th 2017.

    This is your chance to redefine your path, after all who wouldn’t want the most coveted title of them all, the European Design Agency of the Year award?

    You can claim yours here.

  • DesignAthens on the forefront of the Greek design community

    DesignAthens, (the organization which took over Panorama Design), will hold its third event this January 2017.

    Featuring exhibitions, workshops and numerous professionals that are willing to share their knowledge with many, DesignAthens will present several creative projects of interest, as well as professionals from Greece and abroad showing what their vision is all about.

    “It is an eminently excellent opportunity for the Greek creative community to gather, discuss, be informed and inspired” says DesignAthens.

    More info here.

  • Frame Creative’s custom typeface for KRASS Journal is a rebel’s yell

    Talent obviously runs in the family for Frame Creative Agency. The Adelaide based design studio was founded in mid 2013 by three brothers, who love creating, working with great brands and have a thirst for “cutting-edge visual appeal, intuitive usability and strategic communication in the digital age”, bringing “their complementary skills together to form a new creative agency”. In almost four years time Frame has expanded, it is now a team of 16, with in-house capabilities in strategy development, design & creative communications, digital production, web & mobile app development, photography, interior architecture and print production and they are more than ready to continue their visual language with partnerships that speak volumes.

    The visually and culturally radical magazine from Australia, KRASS Journal is a biannual title that focuses on politics, philosophy, art and literature. Last year the second issue featured Noam Chomsky, Hans Ulrich Obrist and a lot of stunning typography for a rebellious journal. This year Sanja Grozdanić and co-founder Tess Martin, both journalists that want to spread the message with sturdy fonts, have their third journal which is divided into two parts; on hunger, and love - “the two driving forces of our lives”- adorned with a signature typeface by Frame Creative. Aptly named “SINNER” the custom typeface of this third issue is “brutal and neoclassic referencing historic Germanic, black letter forms, constructed from a strict grid base and system of shapes”. Geometric and bold, the type is the perfect match for an Issue that too is bold.

    With art direction by Simon Pearce (of Frame Creative), the Australia-based KRASS Journal was founded “as an alternative to a mainstream media that, we believe, too often underestimated the intelligence and sophistication of their reader. So many publications underestimate their reader. We hope to do the opposite. We’re writing for the critical, the open, the curious, the defiant.” Hailed as “a linguistic, conceptual and aesthetic triumph” KRASS Journal’s typography is a rebel’s yell. Featuring Abdul Abdullah, Ben McGee, Helen Razer, Ishmael Butler, James Hartley, Julian Klincewicz, Maryam Namazie, Moonasi, Phoebe Collings-James, Raquel Nave, Sanam Sindhi, Saul Williams, Senator Scott Ludlam, Siri Hustvedt and Stanislava Pinchuk (Miso) the Journal’s third issue is available now.