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  • Filthy Media takes over Brighton’s Premier League Football Club with type

    Filthy Media takes over Brighton’s Premier League Football Club with type

    Born in Brighton but working all over the world, Filthy Media are a design studio with a passion for creating, building and growing brands. eventually they do like soccer as well. 

    “Having designed Filthy Seagull Display, a bespoke typeface for Brighton, the Premier League Football Club commissioned us to design a set of wall graphics for the East Stand concourse at the Falmer Stadium in Brighton” notes Filthy Media of their latest typographic project with the studio’s distinct lettering in full force across the the East Stand of Brighton's Falmer Stadium.

    “The basis for the project is the bespoke typeface Filthy Seagull Display, which we've designed for the Premier League football club.Shown here is the full typeface, and a series of posters that adorn a 60 square metre wall in the concourse” explains Filthy Media. 

    “The concept for the main wall was to utilise the typeface to create a fly poster campaign, illustrating the clubs chants and songs from the stadium terraces. The second wall displays statistics, celebrating the seagulls first season in the Premier league, the third wall pays homage to Glenn Murray's 100th goal for the club, the fourth wall features quotes from fans alongside location photography from the Sussex coastline, and the fifth wall shows a history of the club crests from 1948 to 2011” explains the team.

    Filthy Media produced and installed all the wall graphics using a 3M Film Wrap, “heat-sealed directly onto the concrete render, lending itself perfectly to the fly poster aesthetic”.

    Filthy Media’s creativity runs free and this time they have scored high in this inaugural Premier League of Type.

    To see the full photographic case study covering the entire project click here. 

  • Global Youth Climate Strike: 5 designers X 5 activists collaborated for the massive rebellion's placards

    Designers and activists collaborated for the global "On the 15th of February, students across the UK went on strike to publicly demonstrate that we will no longer be pushed out of the dialogue surrounding the critical environmental threat for our generation. On the 15th of March we will strike again in solidarity with young people in 80 countries" writes The UK Student Climate Network of the global strike which took the adults by surprise this past Friday whan history was made.

    As young people are facing the greatest threat from climate change the movement leads action to prevent ecological breakdown. Inspired and spearheaded by 16-year-old activist (and Nobel Peace Prize nominee) student and environmental activist Greta Thunberg, students in 105 countries and 1,659 cites went on strike from school to demand action against the climate change from those who should take care of the planet -politicians and businessmen alike. 

    The messages of the rebellious young activists were featured in signs made in collaboration between creative agency ILOVEYOU and The UK Student Climate Network. 

    "Working with UKSCN (the UK movement of #FridaysforFuture) we connected five young activists with five designers who collaborated to create square format protest placards that call for action on the climate crisis notes ILOVEYOU on the collaboration for the future of the planet the young people are entitled to inherit. 

    Be in solidarity with the thousands of students striking from school worldwide for the planet they own and read more about the project here.

  • #TGIIF: The only Instagram account to follow this Friday is @sergidelgado

    Nomadic at heart and seriously influenced by Op Art and surrealism made of type, Sergi Delgado García is multifaceted, like his many playful crafts. 

    An art director for Vasava since  this Barcelonian 27yo graphic designer, typographer, illustrator, artist, Sagittarius and "something else" which he wouldn't define on his official resume is inspired by nature and the immaculate perfection of geometric and mathematical forms.

    Delgado García loves working with typography and letterforms are one of his most beloved pillars on which his work is based. 

    "True to risk, to multidisciplinary design and experimentation" his Instagram is a feast for the eyes with a vast combination of images, textures and motion graphics. 

    Enjoy this trip here. 


  • 99designs’ ode to Bauhaus is the latest viral typographic craze of the week

    Bold. Minimal. Functional. “After a hundred years, Bauhaus design continues to inspire artists, graphic designers and architects across the globe” writes Matt Ellis in this week’s most viral feature through 99designs.

    The global creative platform that “makes it easy for designers and clients to work together to create designs they love” pays it’s unique tribute in celebration of the Bauhaus centenary this year in a very inspirational way.

    The Australian freelancer platform asked graphic designers to reimagine the world's most powerful logos with a Bauhaus take.

    “It’s arguable which characteristics constitute Bauhaus design” notes 99designs. “That said, these are the five common threads that almost every Bauhaus design follows:

    1.   Form follows function

    2.   Minimalism

    3.   Revolutionary typography

    4.   Passion for geometry

    5.   Primary colors

    To help you understand Bauhaus design in action, here’s how our designer community used these five principles to reimagine logos we all know and love in true Bauhaus fashion” adds Ellis and we dare you to explore every single Bauhaus-take of our times here.

    Logo designed by Jaseng99

    Logo designed by rossiemoss

    Logo designed by or_range

    Logo designed by artopelago™

    Logo designed by ArsDesigns

    Logo designed by PonomarevDmitry

    Logo designed by SSUK™

    Logo designed by Vladimir Nikolic

    Logo designed by dellfi ©

    Logo designed by yuleha

  • #IWD2019: Google Doodles ultra typographic tribute to female empowerment

    From Zaha Hadid through Frida Kalo to Millicent Fawcett and Yoko Ono, Google’s interactive, slideshow Doodle is told by and made by women for International’s Woman Day 2019.

    “In it, we showcase inspirational quotes across various languages by thirteen international female trailblazers—both past and present. Connecting to the larger theme of ‘women empowering women,’ the quotes were also designed by a talented group of female guest artists from around the globe” notes the team of this typographic fest of female spirits that need to be heard.

    Consisting of thirteen inspiring female voices, today’s doodle is a clean typographic affair with thirteen guest female artists bringing the quotes in life.  

    Abjad Design, Cyla Costa, Melissa Crowton, Kate Forrester, Rosa Kammermeier, Sabeena Karnik, Beno Zephine, Gemma O'Brien, Zuzanna Rogatty, Yai Salinas and Hazuki Tamano illustrated with letters the quotes of Chimamanda Adichie, Millicent Fawcett, Zaha Hadid, Emma Herwegh, Dr. Mae Jemison, Frida Kahlo, Mary Kom, Clarice Lispector, Yoko Ono, George Sand, Sanmao, Marina Tsvetaeva and NL Beno Zephine, Indian diplomat.

    Led by designer Vishnu Ganti and art directed by Erich Nagler Google’s team is in full female force and Typeroom is feeling the empowerment which is not just a woman’s affair. 

    "The process of choosing the thirteen quotes was extremely difficult, but we aimed to include a diverse representation of voices on a day which celebrates the past, present, and future community of diverse women around the world" notes the team. 

    Learn more about the women who made today's Doodle possible here.

    Kate Forrester |

    Zuzanna Rogatty |

    Hazuki Tamano |

    Yai Salinas |

    Yai Salinas |

    Gemma O' Brien |

    Sabeena Karnik | ​

    Sabeena Karnik | ​

    Rosa Kammermeier |

    Hazuki Tamano |