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Self-taught designer Amine Ghorab says no to minimalism

Self-taught designer Amine Ghorab says no to minimalism

Independent and very, very reluctant to expose himself in the social media hubs, Amine Ghorab is a graphic designer based in Paris who deserves our attention. Having studied communications at the Ecole Supérieure de Publicité in his hometown, the self-taught designer has always been passionate “about images and aesthetics”.

“I had the chance to live and work in an environment where there was space to develop my artistic skills. Then when I got my first computer I started to dig into it and install every software I could get, starting to design things for my friends and me” he says to It’s Nice That. As for his inspirations, they are made of notes. “The self-taught designer enjoys working on music-related projects creating 3D illustrations, typography and identities” reports Rebecca Fulleylove.

“I find my inspirations from artists in different fields of work, like Koichi Sato, Peter Lloyd’s airbrush illustrations, typography from Karl Gerstner or the sculptor Jacob Epstein” he explains.

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