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What kind of type's hanging in Amsterdam's streets?


n interesting question, easy to answer without paying a cent on travel ticket and all the credits for this go to Mr. Jaar Geerlings. It is said that when you are taking your very first walk in a city as a tourist, you get a quick feeling about a city's culture only by watching the posters hanging on walls (apart from its architecture) or at least this works for me. Geerlings' platform, Posters in Amsterdam, offers you this exact sensation, but digitally: Posters in Amsterdam is an inspiring design source that includes a great amount of posters of Amsterdam from 2002 until today. There you can find a collection of 2800 posters archived under some interestingly-named categories such as “mostly red” or “upside-down” or “posters with mainly one face” etc. Interesting posters that work together like pieces of a puzzle to compose Amsterdam's contemporary graphic design scene. A successful depiction of the city's current trends in typography, which has not changed a lot considering its roots and tradition: basic, bold & beautiful, that in combination with colour becomes an "eye magnet", which few can resist. So, type type type everywhere in the city of Amsterdam, and here we selected some of our favourites for you. For more please visit PostersInAmsterdam.