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Typography conquers Korea: Typojanchi International Typography Biennale is on


Typojanchi, Korea's typographic festival, is an international biennale held to promote the cultural value of Hangeul to the world and to provide a venue for exchange for spreading the value of the typographic and design culture beyond borders.
Held for the first time in 2001 and every two years since 2011, Typojanchi has been organising a biennale by selecting a theme, such as Literature, The City, or The Bodywas since the 3rd event in 2013. For this year the 6th Typojanchi's theme is Typography and Objects.
Examining the present state of typography as it is involved in ‘type’ and ‘everything (objects)’ Typojanchi 2019 is about "objects typography of disassembling and assembling, letters borrowed from the shape of objects, one object and typography, objects related to typography, and the common point of objects—such as pictures, photographs, symbols, movements, and sounds and typography that circulates without beginning or end. It is held in the world’s only country where characters are ‘designed’."
Exploring the power of communication and the cultural and artistic possibilities of typography in the creation of a better design culture Typojanchi 2019 consists of exhibitions, talks, and projects.

osted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and supervised jointly by the Korea Craft & Design Foundation and the Organising Committee of International Typography Biennale, Typojanchi: International Typography Biennale conqueres Korea and beyond.

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