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Tillmans, Westwood and more: VoteTogether and EUnited are the poster campaigns for a Europe of the People


n Sunday the 26th of May, Europe is about to change. With the European Elections, just a couple of days away Typeroom urges all EU citizens to be part of a more humane continent for all by voting and collaborating on two poster campaigns which are spreading the world of unity through social media platforms. So on the one hand, there is the star-studded "VoteTogether" initiative and on the other a social media campaign for the youth voters of EU, "EUnited"

"VoteEurope" encourages voters to participate in and spread awareness of the world's second-biggest election, the European elections of May 2019.

"All 420 million eligible voters decide together who should be in Parliament. We can use our rights as citizens to make a statement for the European project and a continued peaceful and collaborative Europe. Let’s celebrate these elections as a moment where we can come together. Voting is a privilege and never a singular act. So go with your friends, your family and your neighbors to the polls" notes the press release of VT, a project run by Between Bridges, the foundation for the advancement of democracy, international understanding, the arts, and LGBTQI rights which the renowned artist and activist Wolfgang Tillmans established in 2017. 

The project which involves individuals, activists and enthusiasts from across Europe has valuable input and contributions, from simple advice to complex design as well as organising local events,  numerous institutions, individuals and artists -Pamela Anderson, Peter Bloch, Neneh Cherry, Nick Knight, Rem Koolhaas, Benoit Rousseau, Anja Rubik, Juergen Teller, Nikolas Ventourakis, Vivienne Westwood to name a few.

"The European Union’s main achievements are due to member states working collaboratively. The EU has made our lives much better in so many ways – and even though there is undoubtedly room for improvement, these achievements are often taken for granted, or go unnoticed" writes VT's manifesto.

There is so much we have in common, and the value of our connections is greater than our differences

"In today’s globalized world, we share a collective responsibility for a range of vital questions, whether it’s our natural environment, our safety, or the food that we eat. There is so much we have in common, and the value of our connections is greater than our differences." From less plastic through protecting nature as a team game or the demanding of the legislation which protects the European citizen's rights (electronic and otherwise) and the ​cheaper, faster and more transparent bank transfers we all strive for keeping things clear in Europe "worth a lot."

"From Ebola vaccines to space exploration, cancer and HIV treatments to energy production (tidal energy, new batteries, and fuel solutions, improved wind power) and machinery (drones, electric aircraft, electric cars), the EU is the most important funder of experimental research in Europe. It’s research that uses the collective intelligence of 28 nations. Smarter together" notes the manifesto on Europe's shared democracy and open politics values.  "It’s a democracy that we can all be part of" shouts the campaign and you can be part of it here.

At the same time, another campaign aptly named "EUnited" urges the millennials of Europe to vote. Inspired by ancient Greece through 17th-century Dutch paintings "EUnited: Our vote, Our future" is a poster campaign to raise the youth vote in Europe's upcoming elections. The social media poster project is an independent European Election Campaign to raise the youth vote (18-30), the generation of which the future will be impacted the longest from the European Elections 2019.  

"I started it last year when I found out the last youth voter participation was at 28%" notes photographer Clara Nebeling. "Together with three other European photographers we created projects surrounding the idea of Europe. The aim was to create contemporary political imagery that resonates more with youth than the usual campaign imagery for political parties. Our campaign aims to raise the voter turnout without taking political sides. The importance is to vote. With the finished photography, we are going to create posters which will be available to download, print and hang up. The idea of the project is open source so every platform, brand, and magazine can use these images and projects free of charge and inform about the European Elections in a contemporary way."

"In Ancient Greek mythology, there is a tale in which Zeus takes the form of a bull and carries the young Phoenician princess Europa across the sea to the shores of Crete, where she becomes the first queen of the island and the namesake of Europe. With this photo, I wanted to put the modern European youth in that position of power and possibility"

"In Ancient Greek mythology, there is a tale in which Zeus takes the form of a bull and carries the young Phoenician princess Europa across the sea to the shores of Crete, where she becomes the first queen of the island and the namesake of Europe. With this photo, I wanted to put the modern European youth in that position of power and possibility. Young adults in particular often find their place in society is questioned, but this is their future" notes photographer David Uzochukwu. Inspired by the Dutch still-life paintings of the 17th Century, Maria Sturm "decided to adopt the idea and create a modern interpretation of this concept in which foods from all 28 member states are placed alongside each other in one picture. Europe's open borders and free trade mean we have easy access to items from across the continent, and that is something that people weren't lucky enough to enjoy hundreds of years ago."

"My series of portraits showcases French youth in and around Paris, where I grew up. The pictures portray these kids in a comfortable environment – the sports clubs and community groups where they have learned to live and work alongside one another. My contribution to this project is about them. The younger generations need to work together for the future of our continent" writes Wendy Huynh. Nebeling, the child of mixed European heritage (German/Portuguese) who came up with the idea of "EUnited" social media campaign "set out to portray the world of inter-European relationships that are a major part of life in the EU. Such relationships have been increasing since programs like Erasmus have helped more and more young people move freely across the continent, and this is my way of showing the growing sense of pan-European identity that looks beyond borders but still maintains national identity.” Download the full series media kit here.

On Sunday the 26th of May, every citizen of Europe is welcome to make the democracy a very European affair once and for all. 

All images via Vote Europe & EUnited