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Ten most eclectic A' Design Award packaging winners ever


f devil is in the details then an awarded branding design is the real win in a market where everything needs to stand out. The following A' Design Award winners are the best inspiration to urge you, the Typeroomers of the globe, to enter the world's most prestigious design competition.

As the deadline to enter this year's A' Design Award and Competition is getting closer, we remind you that this call for entry is the best chance you are given to be internationally recognized and join this very eclectic league of A' Design Awards and Competition winners. 

With categories ranging from Good Graphic Design through Good Communication Design and Good Product Design, every creative force will find the one which suits the best for one's discipline. 

This year there are more than 100 categories to choose from so do register here.

Submit your work in order to enjoy fame, prestige, recognition, credibility, publicity and international awareness. All of the above in addition to a Winners’ Pack which includes everything your creative heart desires. 

Speaking of inspiration we present you with our favorite A' Packaging Design Award 2018 - 2019 Period Winners aka brilliant and innovative packaging designs for cosmetics and spirits to adore. For even more winners enter here. 

PRO RE NATA Cosmetic Brand Identity & Package Design by PlusX and Katalyst

Gin Manners Gin Bottle by Estudio Maba

Santaren Rum Bottle by Estudio Maba

The Good Stuff Hair Care by forceMAJEURE Design

Guapos Wine Label by Cesar Moura

Twenty Twenty Packaging Design by Panos Tsakiris

Poetic Hotel Packaging by Joel Derksen

Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18 Neo-Chinese Spirit Package by Jansword Zhu

Aeril Lab Package by Anastasia Dunaeva

Gradaia Grapewine range Grapewine brand and packaging identity by Stefano Giuseppe Dell'Orto and Giacomo Stefanelli