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Slanted explores the impressive volume of New York’s creativity


ver since 2004, when Slanted was founded it has grown into one of the most important design portals and discussion forums in the German-speaking area. The weblog was followed one year later by its print counterpart, the typography magazine Slanted. What started as a passion-fueled vision, became an independent company in July 2014, 10 years after the entire project started. This year, on September 2015 the design and typography publication took itself on a holiday to New York or in other words David visited Goliath.

It is a frank attempt to meet the generation of designers, typographers and artists who witness and shape the transition of this immersive city. Slanted team produced comprehensive studio portraits and video interviews which provide a vivid and up-to-the-minute picture of the scene.

“Because the city grew old and mainstreamed – it’s a miracle that it still works. The city has kept its speed and those who do not stick with it will be left over. The continuing speed is New York’s power; everyone living here wants to do or become something/someone. Nobody lives here without a good reason. Creativity is part of the fight for survival. Therefore Andy Warhol’s banana – originally designed for the Velvet Underground – suits much better to New York than the ‘big apple’ writes Slanted on its website about a publication that even the residents of Gotham would adore.
The impressive issue is thematically complemented by illustrations, photography, interviews and essays accompanied by fourteen recently published high-quality typefaces in its booklet “Contemporary Typefaces”.

The cover is as New York as it gets. Sleek and monochrome it’s striking and impressive, suited for this tome of inspiration.