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Ruslan Khasanov's typographic art can make even Vladimir Putin melt


ne evening in 2011, Khasanov was cleaning an ink brush and some painting letterforms directly into a porcelain sink. As he went on he noticed how the letters held their shape with a brief, tremulous grace before dissolving, and he started photographing the results. He ended up shooting some 500 images for each letter over the next four days experimenting with shape and form. By the end, and with a few enhancements in Photoshop, he had created a new typeface called Au Revoir, a celebration and a mourning for the evanescence of moving liquid. Khasanov’s further experiments with what he calls liquid calligraphy have turned him into a celebrated figure, with profiles of his work in the international media". With these words Dmitry Bezuglov of The Calvet Journal is letting us have another glimpse in the world of a magnificent digital artist that literally illuminates the art of the letters in the most remarkable way.

Secluded, with clients that bet on his creativity to gain the attention of any media whore on planet Earth, Ruslan Khasanov is a young man who believes in the only thing a young man has to believe in, his unthinkable. By melting all kinds of ideas and materials in his projects, he becomes a wizard of letterforms, a Harry Potter of the country that Putin wants to expand across the universe.

By melting all kinds of ideas and materials in his projects, he becomes a wizard of letterforms, a Harry Potter of the typophile generation

Wired, GQ, Bloomberg and numerous others are mad about this young man who was born in 1987 and God only knows how liquid he is. Famous for his liquid typography experiments, edgy with his bruising art of the written word, the man who lives to get inspired by everything around him has a present for us all. This portfolio of his works is just a reminder of how reality can be transformed in the most lucid letterform way possible. 

His work expands through everything. Photography, typography, illustration and graphic design are his weapons that simply blow us away from the gloomy reality and that's exactly what every strong leader hates the most. Liberalism in mind; in other words this is art, this is life. So let's dedicate this post to the man who would be king… and for all the right reasons.


Pacific Light from Ruslan Khasanov on Vimeo.