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From the rooftops to the paper, love is here to stay the ESPO way


he street sign writer Steve Powers (aka ESPO) has released a new book, "A Love Letter to the City", the first collection of the artist's powerful public art. This book is partly narrative, partly personal. Starting as a sign painter Mr. Powers started switched to a street writer with distinctive personal style, who has left his stamp across the walls and the rooftops of Brooklyn and Syracuse, New York, Philadeplhia, Dublin and Belfast, Ireland, Sao Paolo, Brazil, South Africa. At first glance looks like another advertisement, but in a closer look its unique appeal starts to unfold. Those hand-painted typographic love letters in billboard size, combine community activism with public art, love and life. Sincere messages and often poigmant affirmations and confessions that reflect the collective hopes and dreams of the host community. This is a highly recommended edition, for those who are into typographic treatments, graffiti artists and graphic designers. As Peter Eleey, curator and associate director of exhibitions and programs at MoMA PS1, puts it in his foreword: “He offers self-help slogans turned outward to the neighborhood, with a punning visual style that mines the tricks of street trade as easily as his phrasing mimics the motivation calendar and the condolence card.” You can find the book through Powers' website or Amazon. Check also the Love Letter project here.

Now delve into the art of sign paintings with the man himself