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Pouya Ahmadi X Experimental Film Society: when brilliant type meets the cinematic avant-garde


xperimental Film Society is pleased to announce  the first edition of the Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival in partnership with The New Theatre this November.

This two-day event, taking place in Dublin’s Temple Bar, will showcase recent work by filmmakers associated with Experimental Film Society. Experimental or not, the emerging graphic designer Pouya Ahmadi created LVMFF's visual identity

"The logo attempts at visualizing the experimental nature of the festival by breaking away from notions of structuralism. The typographic arrangement of the information speaks to the formally fluid work featured throughout the festival" notes Ahmadi who was recently awarded a Golden Bee on the logo he created with Dinamo Standard typeface by the Swiss type foundry Dinamo Typefaces.

Hence this is not the first collaboration of Ahmadi, a graphic designer, researcher, and educator at the University of Illinois at Chicago with Experimental Film Society.

Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival Dynamic Identity from Experimental Film Society on Vimeo.

Experimental Film Society (EFS) is an Irish company dedicated to the production and distribution of experimental cinema that grew out of the Experimental Film Society collective. It was founded and is run by Rouzbeh Rashidi. The independent, not-for-profit entity specialising in avant-garde, independent and no/low budget filmmaking. 

Its aim is to produce and promote films by its members. EFS unites works by a dozen filmmakers scattered across the globe, whose films are distinguished by an uncompromising, no-budget devotion to personal, experimental cinema. EFS is responsible for rescuing and preserving many of its members' films, which otherwise might have been lost forever.

"This series of works includes a number of promotional posters for feature films directed by EFS filmmakers, mainly Rouzbeh Rashidi, who is the founder of Experimental Film Society in Dublin/Ireland" notes Ahmadi. 

"Rashidi's movies are characterized by their bold, deconstructive, and poetic imagery. The posters attempt to express these qualities as well as their highly experimental/personal narrative structure by making use of typographic elements and the interplays of their snapshots. Hence, the posters become the representation of each movie's concept, while maintaining their design language as a part of the series".

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