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Post Medium: Ines Cox designs the visual identity of this year's Biennale internationale de design graphique


or its 2019 edition, the visual identity of the Biennale Internationale de Design Graphique was entrusted to Ines Cox, the Belgian graphic designer. The Antwerp-based designer's proposition flows from the programming language and the very name of this year's exhibition "Post Medium". 

Ines Cox found inspiration in the computer programming language and in the work of conceptual artists such as Ed Ruscha. 

The acclaimed graphic designer managed to isolate polysemous words that come from computer codes that structure digital interfaces “enter”, “shift”, “go”, “next”, etc.

The minimal execution, in black and white, with typographic choices that also call to mind the world of programming and digital pixelized images, recall computer interfaces that produce a seizing contrast once printed.

Finally, the language game continues with a system of variations on the proposal according to the format and the purpose: the name of the computer file, e.g. “press file” “A3 poster” etc. are the image itself, as an allusion to the artist Joseph Kosuth.

This is a pretty busy month for Cox who sees the release of her latest publication. In her book aptly named SAVE "the fleeting, seemingly unimportant, steps of the digital (work) process are given a leading role".

The elements that appear in the book are the result of a two-year research project at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Researcher and graphic designer Cox observed, documented and imitated the formal language that presented itself on her screen, generated by her computer and software.

The book gives shape to a series of screenshots and tells an associative story in which graphic characters and quotes (derived from the computer) undergo a specific choreography.

Enter her typographic adventures here.