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Magpile Awards 2014. Celebrating the best printed pages out there.


espite what you may have heard, reports of the “death of print” have been immensely exaggerated. Readers DO prefer to consume articles via print, digital did NOT kill print publishing and, with niche, independent magazines thriving, Internet proved an unlikely saviour for the old-fashioned paper and ink. Magpile, the social site for magazine lovers which offers enthusiastic readers a place to share their favorite titles and discuss them online is a shrine for every single publication that matters. Since its launch in March 2012, the site became a niche social network which celebrates the print magazine. By offering users the chance to inventory and talk about their print magazine collections, Magpile unites new and old media in a surprising way, an accomplishment, founder and print magazine enthusiast, Dan Rowden must be proud of.

To celebrate this, Magpile launched its first Magazine Awards two years ago. For 2014, these are the titles that proved the best amongst equals in the Best Magazine and Best New Magazine categories as voted by Magpile’s panel of judges.

Best magazine 2014

The Outpost
Both an Overall Winner and a Member’s Choice selection, the magazine which is published two times a year from Beirut stunned everyone. “I don’t really understand how Ibrahim and the team do it, but I’m very glad they do” commented Steven Watson of Stack Magazines. “Not only do they pull together fantastic writing, photography and design, they also somehow get it past the censors to present a view of the Arab world that feels thrillingly authentic and honest.” This “magazine of possibilities” identifies, understands and analyzes the conflicts, morals, energies and opportunities of a changing world and lays down possible futures. The Outpost aims to ignite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Arab world through inspiring its readers to explore a world of possibilities. Ambitious, multidisciplinary and audaciously eclectic, the magazine has a general scope, a regional focus and a global outlook, and covers a wide range of stories that are meant to inform, inspire and entertain.

The Gourmand
This year’s Judge’s Selection is the british publication The Gourmand. Based in London, this food and culture journal binds inspirational words, images and ideas with the humble and universal subject of this catalyst of creativity, food.


Best New Magazine 2014

Weapons of Reason
The Overall Winner for 2014 “is a mission rather than a medium: it’s an attempt to actually change the world, at least a little bit” commented editorial consultant Kati Krause. “The magazine wants to not only explain the most pressing issues facing our planet (and us) in eight issues, but to jolt readers into action, presenting proposals and organisations to get involved in. In my book, that’s a pretty brilliant reason to launch a magazine.” Each issue of this publishing venture is split into three sections, taking a deep dive into the past, present and future of its chosen topic. Weapons of Reason isn’t about finding answers, it’s about asking the right questions, exploring the facts at hand and providing ways to inspire action.

The Happy Reader
The Judge’s Selection is a new kind of magazine about reading for anyone who wishes to stay inspired, informed and entertained. With beautiful typography, the Happy Reader magazine is a design object which celebrates the pure pleasure of reading and the calming luxury of being offline. Each issue is split into two halves. The first half is an in-depth interview with a book fanatic and the second half gets under the skin of one classic work of literature.

The Member’s Choice for 2014 is a celebration of innovation and creativity: a publication about people making a living from their passions, and a look at pastime activities that offer inspiration. Borrowing the Swedish word that represents having just the right amount of something, this bi-annual magazine features those who achieve a sense of balance in their everyday and professional lives. Printed on thick, uncoated stock, with a foil-blocked cover, Lagom was founded by Elliot and Samantha Stocks, and is based in Bristol, UK, with a team of contributors from around the world.