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Human type: Gabriel Benderski's posters is letterpress activism for a better world


n times like these, politics is not an option, it's a social task. Therefore, Typeroom proudly presents the latest humanitarian letterpress poster project of Gabriel Benderski.

Benderski created ten letterpress posters regarding different social subjects such as tolerance, gender equality and peace.

The posters aim to achieve a reflection on the topics that are present in the Human Rights agenda by using wood type on hand made cotton paper.

The Collection is part of The Uruguayan Plan for Human Rights Education and it was declared of Educational Interest by the Uruguayan Ministry of Education and Culture.

"Thanks to the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs interest in promoting tolerance among nations, the posters are displayed in embassies and consulates around the world" notes Benderski, a graphic designer with an agenda that shines spreading messages against bigotry of any kind.

"Value is a thing of perspective, for example a bottle of water in the middle of the desert has a greater value than a bottle of water in the city. In terms of design, who, what, when, where and why is what matters" says the young graphic designer with a bright and hopeful agenda.

"I would also like to mention the impact that the Social Poster Exhibition and workshop has had since I noticed an increase of awareness about Human Rights in the different participating groups. I have also detected a strengthening of their communication skills as it is intended that the workshop participators incorporate knowledge of graphic design emphasizing the visual part that is easily grasped and that allows them to add a new way of expressing their concerns" he adds.

Born into a Jewish home in Montevideo in 1988 Benderski started his formal training by studying Graphic Design at ORT University where he obtained a BA. He has worked with influential organizations in the realization of several projects, among them: exhibition design for Ar. Juan Pedro Margenat at the Uruguayan Ministry of Transport; visual identity for the exhibition of women with fiber at the Municipality of Montevideo; book design for the Uruguayan Cultural Centre of Music; editorial design for UNICEF and brand, interior and way-finding design for FIFA Stadium ‘Campeón del Siglo’ of ‘Club Atlético Peñarol’.

Applause to the humanity of typography, applause to letterpress and posters, applause to Benderski.

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BEHIND THE SCENES from Gabriel Benderski on Vimeo.