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Hitesh Singhal’s subtly hedonistic typographic installation


ith over 4 years of professional experience, I have fumbled, struggled and survived” writes Hitesh Singhal, a graphic designer that has worked in different kind of organizations earning a diversified learning experience. “Working. At Ogilvy and Mather, New Delhi, I got first hand experience of how large-scale national campaigns are rolled out. At the daily newspaper office, Times of India, I learnt the virtues of speed and efficiency. At Fisheye Design working in a small team of three designers, helped me learn useful skills like client management and print production. Working at a digital startup, Repindia in New Delhi, gave me exposure to new platforms in social media and interaction design” he continues.

A man inspired by history and religion, Singhal created a type installation as a Graduate School student (Graphic Design MFA) from MICA, Baltimore. “I created a shrine that uses anamorphic principles to reveal the message of a Hedonist. The shrine when looked through the mirror, actually preaches hedonism” he explains.

“In an age where we deny ourselves nothing and refuse to make any personal sacrifice, the hedonist monk lives his life in dichotomy. The monk achieves salvation by dedicating his life to others, yet the hedonist seeks freedom through self-satisfaction. Will his path lead to transcendence, or travesty? The installation is the shrine of the hedonist monk. It uses the vernacular of a monk but communicates the ideology of a hedonist. The monk meditates on words Admire, Desire, Acquire”.

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