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Can a publication stop the bullet? The Gun Violence History Book tries to


very day a new page of gun violence history is written. And it’s not stopping” notes the Gold Winner at this year's Cannes Lions 2019, The Gun Violence History Book which is more relevant than ever in 2019. The two latest shootings, first in El Paso, Texas, and then in Dayton, Ohio, are the latest instances of deadly mass shootings in this year alone bringing the total number of such incidents up to at least 17 — an average of one every 12.7 days this year. According to The Gun Violence Archive Dayton is the 251st mass shooting this year.

“Made from newspaper articles, facts, and data to showcase a tragic and deadly history that repeats itself. This book has done what history has been unable to do. Stop a bullet" notes Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence on the awarded publication in this Years Cannes Lions 2019 competition. “The Gun Violence History Book”, created in partnership with FCB Chicago, provides an outline of the 228 years of gun violence history in America in 19 chapters.

The articles, facts, and data within are intended to be a tool to teach current and future voters how we can stop repeating history. Additionally, the book has formed part of a learning plan for teachers and schools in Chicago-land.

“As well as being an ironic symbol, this book will be used as an educational tool for high schoolers. For teachers, this book can be an important educational tool for high school students. The book summarizes the root causes of gun violence and explores how it has exploded across the country, examines its financial and social impact, and discusses the importance of universal background checks. Stop history from repeating itself by educating the future. Request the book if you’re interested in a gun violence history class at your school” note the creators with a special message for the readers. 

“This bullet stopped. But history continues to be written. Support universal background checks at”

The site helps connect people with their senator and then sends an automated email urging for universal background checks.

The nonprofit is also encouraging communities to support Fix the FOID Act [HB 96] – a new legislation with the goal of addressing loopholes in our existing gun licensing system – by encouraging lawmakers to support. 

Check the awarded publication here and be part of the solution against gun violence.