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This is the best business card Albert Einstein could wish for


et's say you are a genius, though one that prefers to remain in the shadow of anonymity. A man who is about to change the route of humanity, somebody that people are still unaware of, yet they will get crazy about in some years from now. Let's admit it! You are here to make history and this is something you have to highlight to anyone interested to hire you. In these harsh economic times, being a historical figure does not necessarily pay off, that's why it's amazing that Moo company imagined what the stationery of notable historical figures would look like in order to introduce their new letterheads offerings. Clearly one could detect a design which has been studied and a typographic approach which matches all figures and finally a result which could be easily seen between other contemporary graphic image galleries.

Moo pays tribute to iconic figures who have written letters that helped change the course of history

From Winston Churchill and Charles Darwin, to Ian Fleming, Martin Luther King Jr. and Benjamin Franklin, all the great icons would have been proud of their stationery. Typefaces has been rightly chosen, especially in the case of Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King and Shakespeare, and the combination in a set that features them all together really made us smile. People of Moo believe that letters have the power to change the world and expand on this: “We chose iconic figures from history known for being prolific or powerful letter writers, plus they each have a very unique set of personal characteristics and traits,” said Teresa Pereira , the VP of Brand and Communications of Moo. “Most were widely associated with communication in their time or wrote a letter that helped change the course of history.”

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