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Be afraid! Be very afraid! These space-age toys come in peace


raphic designers and typographers this message is for you. Stop right now your precious activities! Spare us with searching inspiration at the deep sanctuaries of modern culture. Put on some serious space porn music, pamper the child in you and enjoy the world of unconditional love. The kind of love that is so devoted that only batteries can do us end. The obsession of humans with the anthopomorphic cute machines is almost a century old and these toys with their airstream strokes and bold lettering are here to remind us that robots deserve our love. Mixing exquisite letterings with mindblowing illustrations, these space-age toys are a serious blend of typography greatness in a whole bunch of both fantastic and colourful worlds and we are pretty sure that this packaging might bring you tears of nostalgy. To be fair, there is actually little resemblance comparing the illustrative robots with those little tiny ones outside of the box, but isn't this the element of surprise we long for?

Mixing exquisite letterings with mindblowing illustrations, these space-age toys are a serious blend of typography greatness

So, the next time you are wondering how stinky space is and other stories pay attention to the typography illustrated by nameless artists envisioning the future toy, sight unseen. These Japanese artists, who are to take the blame of these spectacular hand letterings, illustrated the English text anyway they wanted (eg. their translation skills are of no importance when the eyes are blinking). Being typographers that would work with zero limitation pushed the boundaries considering the 'outer-space' typification where no man has ventured before. Inline strokes, futuristic placement of the letters, electricity driven inspiration, bold italic usage of typography indicating the space-age travel, up-and-down letters that reminds of the space uncontrolled gravity, and all this typographic roller-coaster seems even more striking with the incredible usage of vivid colours, that even after ages makes the packaging seem absolutely charming.

After this internet discovery we totally got that inspiration can be found anywhere, and this thought gets stronger if we consider the hard-but-true fact that internet is permanent. So for me it feels appropriately right to dig some inspiration by dusting off memories in my young aged loft and who knows; maybe i will step into an absolute retro treasure, like those visual treat above, and finally enlighten my creative force field.

And please remember. Robots are longing for love the way people are. Spike Jonze's short film I'm Here will remind you of that.  

I'm Here de Spike Jonze from cuando los grandes eran cortos2 on Vimeo.