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ATypI Tokyo 2019: the world's best typography of the future displayed


TypI Tokyo 2019 is in full force. The celebration of all things typographic has conquered the city of Tokyo as the sixty-third annual conference of the non-profit Association Typographique Internationale presents from the 4th till the 7th of September four type-filled days and nights. 

ATypi Tokyo engages, entertains, and inspires by bringing together typeface designers, publishers, developers, and educators from Japan and the global typographic community. 

Per ATypi “Tokyo is the perfect environment for a global gathering: it is a crucible of hypermodernity and tradition, globalism and regionalism. ATypI is a global network that spans design professions, company sizes, and geographic areas of activity.”

“The conference is a stimulating environment where opportunities can arise to meet professionals from related industries, make connections across industries, and develop networks of learning, enterprise, and mentorship. It is in this spirit of comprehension and inclusion that the ATypI 2019 conference invites designers, typographers, type designers, and type enthusiasts worldwide to Tokyo this September.”

“I would like this event to make a mark in two directions” notes ATypi Tokyo's president and associate Professor of Typography Gerry Leonidas

“Firstly, to create new connections between the Japanese and the international typographic communities: this can create an environment for sharing expertise and developing potential, both in the corporate as well as the education areas. And secondly, I would hope that the conference encourages a new generation of Japanese designers to be globally active. Often an ATypI event helps the local community be more open about its potential, and be more proactive in reaching out; the same I hope for Tokyo” he adds in his interview with “All roads lead to Typography.”

“For over 60 years, ATypI is above all a community of like-minded people who approach their work with care and respect, and are motivated to help each other. This community is excellent for mentoring new professionals, as well as for lifelong learning. In its very first years it was described by an attendee as 'entres amis', amongst friends -- and this is exactly right” says Leonidas who  

Leonidas differentiates ATypI conferences from other typographic events firstly for their 'truly global nature' -ATypI is the only association in typography that has an explicit goal of connecting a worldwide community, and actively pursues this with events and other activities- and its long-standing connection to education as “learning and research are at the heart of our agenda, which helps building up the next generation of our members, and reinforces the importance, complexity, and depth of what we do.”

ATypI 2019 takes place at the Miraikan Museum in Tokyo, a space dedicated to emerging science and innovation.

ATypI Tokyo is a stimulating environment where to develop networks of learning, enterprise, and mentorship across industries

The variety of the programme, the insightful talks of numerous high profile speakers and the beauty of being surrounded by some of the most creative forces in the graphic design industry is an invitation to knowledge by default yet ATypi Tokyo’s exhibitions and workshops are not to be missed. 

While you wonder around the halls and corridors of the Miraikan Museum, please take time to visit the GRANSHAN non-Latin Type Exhibition (pictured above), showcasing the Best of the Best throughout ten years of GRANSHAN type design competitions, in the Pluto room.

After ten years, winners of Grand Prizes and First Prizes from 2008 to 2017 were asked to design a poster with their winning typeface. 

During the first, second and fifth year the GRANSHAN competition was more broadly positioned, so you will also find a few Latin only typefaces in this exhibition.

The immense diversity and variety of scripts exemplify the importance of their local identities. The works demonstrate how the beauty of language can flourish in script.

The world’s best typography exhibition features Type Directors Club’s winners 

Also, a snapshot of the world’s best typography is displayed in the Miraikan Uranus room featuring the winning works of the Type Directors Club’s 65th Annual Communications Design, 22nd Typeface Design and the Ascenders (35-year and under) competitions. 

This year’s juried exhibition includes hundreds of works that feature typography in a wide range of categories, including books, posters, corporate branding, logos, web graphics, film and TV titles, products, and magazines. 

Professional and student communications design work from 33 countries will be showcased, including the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the People’s Republic of China, South Korea, and others.

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Slider images: The best of the best. PF Regal and more GRANHSAN awarded typefaces displayed at this year's celebration of all things type, ATypI Tokyo. All images via ATypI Tokyo.