The following A' Design Award winners are the best inspiration to urge you, the Typeroomers of the globe, to enter the world's most prestigious design competition.

If you wonder what is Berlin's relation to typography the Berlin Typography Projects has many answers to provide. “In terms of urban structure, Berlin has the same relationship with typography as any city” says Jesse Simon, director of the Berlin Typography Project to Typeroom

Bruce Kennett, author of W. A Dwiggins: A Life in Design and a previous Lubalin lecturer, returns to Type@Cooper on the 16th of October for a tour of typeface designer and artist Roger Excoffon's joyful and passionate work.

Vanity Fair creative director Chris Dixon is exiting the magazine after eight years reports The Hollywood Reporter of the departure that makes headlines in the printing and creative industry today.

Patrick Thomas, the graphic artist, and professor at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart brings his silkscreen printed artivism on display at A—Z: the PULP series.