With the growing global resurgence of ultra-nationalism, social, cultural and religious stereotypes and symbols are being used to exclude and divide” notes A–——Z, an initiative of book designer Anja Lutz and The Green Box – Kunst Editionen of the interactive installation by Brisbane design collective Inkahoots which speaks volumes against bigotry and hate.

Emojis are dominating the visual language like a (smiley) virus. Their digital revolution -which many consider the hieroglyphics of the 21st century although they are not- wouldn't have happened without Hermann Zapf's Dingbats. But that's not the most interesting part in the story of these pixels which changed the visual language in an instant. 

Exactly 50 years ago on July 20, the world's first typeface has landed on the Moon. Exactly 50 years ago today Apollo 11 made a giant leap for mankind. From Germany to the US and beyond this is Futura's interstellar geometric dominance remembered.

Are you ready to change the world by design? If so this is a call for entries in the world’s largest and influential award competition, the A’ Design Award & Competition. Typeroom's favorite winners of the past are an inspiration for you to register your best designs ever. 


1.100 poster entries, 40 poster winners and more than 550 participants in various projects made Typography Day 2019 an event to remember. Be inspired by this year's winners and watch the typographic elements dance wild. FYI, the call for submissions in Typography Day 2020 Poster Design Competition is on.